Sometimes, a (missing) root has to be replaced. This could be due to functional reasoning, or from an aesthetic point of view. The solution to this is an artificial root, also called an implant. Ever since 2004, dentist and implant-expert T.G. Kho has been the specialist when it comes to implants at our practice and recently dentist Laura Romero has been specialised.

During your first appointment we will listen to your wishes, and evaluate whether an implant would be the right solution for you. There will be questions about your general health. Before an implant can be put into place, we need to take  x-ray pictures. Does the patient have a healthy jawbone? Is there enough jawbone to properly secure the implant?

It might be that the jawbone has to be treated to improve its health, or a treatment in order to create more jawbone in places where there is too little.

We will set up a treatment plan for you. We will investigate the opportunity for a reimbursement from your insurance, and will, based on your wishes, send a request for this. Patients that no longer have any teeth may be entitled for an entire reimbursement of implants from the basic health insurance.

During the treatment, the implant will be attached to the jaw using body friendly materials. This body friendly material, usually titanium, will grow into the jaw and offer support for a crown, bridge, or implant retained denture.

Our recommendation to our patients is to get a checkup of the implants once a year at De Polders.

Would you like to know more about the implant treatments, costs and reimbursements? Feel free to contact us.

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