Dental Hygienist and Prevention

A visit to the dental hygienist and prevention assistant is an important part of preventive dental care. Based on the PPS screening, the dentist can refer you to the dental hygienist or prevention assistant for an extensive dental cleaning or gum treatment.

Dental Hygienist

You do not necessarily need a referral in order to visit the dental hygienist. Indications to make an appointment at the dental hygienist of De Polder are:

  • Regular bad breath;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Bleeding gums;
  • Sensitive teeth or receding gum;
  • You are diabetic;
  • You are pregnant.

Proper dental hygiene is the aim of these treatments, a healthy set of teeth and securing the preservation of your teeth and molars are the goal. You will also be taught how to maintain proper dental hygiene at home.

Sometimes your gums can get infected. Red and swollen gums together with bleeding during brushing are the result. This is called Gingivitis. If left untreated the infection could spread to the jawbone and cause periodontal disease, which can lead to teeth mobility.

An appointment with the dental hygienist of De Polders always leads to a treatment plan and an estimated cost, which you will discuss together. The reimbursements differ among the insurance companies; please contact your insurance to find out your reimbursement.


Prevention Assistant

Healthy teeth are important for your overall health, therefore the dentist may refer you to the prevention assistant. For example when you are experiencing a lot of tartar or plaque.

A new addition is that children under the age of 18 can visit the prevention assistant for instruction on how to brush your teeth. The instructions are completely covered by the basic insurance under the age of 18, and are meant to teach children how to brush properly, in order to prevent possible future problems. The youngest patients of De Polders can obtain a real certificate after two instructions and will receive a little bag with products which can be used at home.

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