Tooth prosthetics

Do you require a prosthetic? Ever since 1986 F.C.T. Kauwenberg, owner of De Polders and denturist, has been a specialist in creating prosthetics. A household name regionally.

As a docent at the “Hogeschool van Utrecht”, Kauwenberg taught and trained our other denturists

Can you imagine? Losing a tooth or molar and yet be able to hold on to your good old smile, and confidence? De Polders will take care of it. In our laboratory together with our own dental technicians we are able to produce our own prosthetics to the best of your liking and our ability.

Depending on your personal situation we will produce a partial denture, an implant retained denture, an entire denture or an  immediate denture which is a denture placed instantly after the extraction of your own teeth or molars

Naturally, we offer extensive aftercare, until everything is right. It might be that a new denture is too tight, and so-called pressure points cause discomfort. If you visit us, we will fix it.

In case your denture breaks, for whatever reason, you can immediately visit us for a repair. Usually on the same day as well.

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