Rates and billing


Your bill consists of different codes. The costs of these codes are set by the “Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit”. You can find them here:

The rates of 2021: (https://puc.overheid.nl/nza/doc/PUC_308199_22/1/)

The rates of 2022: (https://puc.overheid.nl/nza/doc/PUC_308199_22/1/)


Billing by Infomedics

Our billing is provided by Infomedics. You will not receive the bills of your treatment from De Polders, but from Infomedics instead.

If possible, Infomedics is allowed to collect the bill, or part of the bill, directly at your health insurer.

The bills need to be paid in full before the noted expiration date to Infomedics.


Your bill specified

Click “here” for an explanation of your bill.

Aanmelden voor onze praktijk?

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